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Anxiety disorders, Eating Disorders, Mood Disorders, Attachment Disorders, Behavioral Difficulties, ADHD, Autism (Receptive or Expressive), Depression, PTSD, At-Risk Youth and Life Changes such as environmental trauma, divorce, grief and loss etc. 

The basis of the Eagala Model is a belief that all clients have the best solutions for themselves when given the opportunity to discover them. Therapy focused experiences allow clients to explore, problem-solve, overcome challenges and discover. 

You and your treatment team will design a program that will help you obtain your treatment goals.


Parenting from the Barn

This 5 -6 week course is all about relationships. How to balance being a parent with all the other roles that people are involved in and still maintain the best possible relationship with their children.

Purpose of program:

  • Communication- Non-verbal and Verbal

  • Self-Confidence as a parent

  • Understanding the developmental level of children and understanding their changes

  • Peer pressure- Being assessed by other parents and your concerns about their own experiences or their child’s

  • Boundaries

  • Leadership

  • Personal and inter-relational patterns

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