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Are you a provider? 

If you have a client whose progress has plateaued,  seems stuck, or who you think would benefit from experiential therapy. We would like for you to come to Midway Equestrian's facility and try something new. Please contact us so we can discuss how we can assist you and your client meet their treatment goals. Please contact us at 712-534-2250 or via email at


Why EAP with Midway Equestrian? 

We believe that each client has the answers to their problems. A client lead, solution based experiential therapy. We provide the elements that invite participation, lower resistance and make therapy less intimidating. Clients often feel empowered in ways that they don't in an indoor environment.  Many clients have reported the animals and farm setting relieves their sense of anxiety and allows them to enjoy the work they are doing on themselves. 


What is Assisted Psychotherapy, the EAGALA Model, and why it works?

EAP is a solution-focused and its fundamental concept is that people have the solution to the issues within them and just need the opportunity to discover them. EAP provides the opportunity for the client to explore, gain insight, problem-solve, and practice new behaviors. 


Every session is facilitated as a team. The team consists of a licensed mental health clinician, an equine specialist, and a horse(s). A mental health clinician is there to tend to the needs of the clients mental health treatment goals. An equine specialist is there to monitor the behavior and changes in the horses. The horses are free to move and react as they see fit, they live in the moment and pull emotions off of the clients. Horses provide real-time feedback for the clients and facilitation team. The horse does this by holding space for clients, they behave with out judgement and bias, only what the client is giving off, this gives the client the opportunity to project their issues by creating metaphors and assigning meaning to what they are externally projecting, and thus the horse acts as co-therapists and an integral part of the facilitation team. 


Sending a client to the farm? 


We follow the EAGALA model, in which we facilitate the sessions in teams of two: a licensed mental health clinician and an equine specialist. We have two options available for our outside clients. 

Option one:  If you would like to facilitate the session with your client we can assign an equine specialist to you and your client, who will guide the session according to the EAGALA model.

Option two: If you are not interested in facilitating but would like to send a client out for EAP sessions, we have wonderful clinicians to choose from. 

Please contact us at 712-534-2250.

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