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Bully Prevention / Intervention

This program is designed for children from Kindergarten through 8th grade.
However the program can be modified for High School age groups. 


This course was created to help students identify bullying behaviors, develop self-awareness, and discover meaningful solutions to conflict using Equine Assisted Learning. 

Primary Focus of program:

  • Increase a child’s self confidence

  • Nurture empowerment through appropriate conflict-resolution

  • Explore assertive communication

  • Develop anger management skills

  • Provide a safe environment to have fun and strengthen self-care skills


We also offer a Bully Program for Educators – This course was approved by the State of Maryland for 15 hours of continuing education credits. 


This professional development program is designed to assist all individuals who interface with children at all levels and at any age who wish to explore a deeper understanding of bullying behaviors, the consequences of the behaviors and the development of useful problem solving techniques. The program is designed as an interactive, hands-on experience for participants interested in assisting students develop their own sense of self-awareness. This is a unique approach of using horses to help educators gain an awareness of bullying trends through the observation of herd dynamic. The interaction of humans with equine through purposefully designed activities will allow educators to reflect on the effectiveness of their own communication and well as identifying the needs of students that either encounter bullying or bully others. 


Champions-  EAP Group Course for At-Risk Adolescents

This course was designed to help participants deal with the inconsistency in life, and to provide opportunities of positive learning for at-risk youth. This course lasts 8 weeks. 

Through this course participants will develop 

  • Creativity- learning problem-solving skills

  • Habits – breaking destructive habits and replacing them with healthy ones

  • Attitude- choosing happiness over bitterness and resentment 

  • Motivation- accepting personal responsibility for relationships & success

  • Personality- recognizing personality strengths and growth areas

  • Impact- taking control of your life and future

  • Openness- learning to share thoughts and feelings while respecting others

  • Negotiation- resolving conflict while managing your anger

  • Self-Confidence- overcoming fear of failure and rejection

Power Tools for Living

This is a 5 week course for all ages of children and adults from various backgrounds.

This program is designed to strengthen those that are emotionally healthy as well as soothe and heal the needs of those with emotional wounds or scars. 

Purpose of Course:

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Relationship skills

  • Boundaries

  • Empathy

  • Choices and consequences

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