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Marriage that Lasts

Marriage that Lasts is an 8 week course for those that are engaged or wanting to strengthen their marriage. 

This course is designed to strengthen their marriages and give insight to those that are engaged to open the streams of communication. 

Purpose of course:

  • Love languages

  • Role in the marriage

  • What helps and hurts a marriage and why

  • Child rearing and intimacy

  • Conflict resolution

  • Communication and Careers

  • Finances


Parenting from the Barn

This 5 -6 week course is all about relationships. How to balance being a parent with all the other roles that people are involved in and still maintain the best possible relationship with their children.

Purpose of program:

  • Communication- Non-verbal and Verbal

  • Self-Confidence as a parent

  • Understanding the developmental level of children and understanding their changes

  • Peer pressure- Being assessed by other parents and your concerns about their own experiences or their child’s

  • Boundaries

  • Leadership

  • Personal and inter-relational patterns

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